Thank you so much for coming to my shop, I hope you find something you absolutely love! If not, contact me, I can make it for you!! 

My name is Jessica Kyzer, and my shop is named after my amazing horse, Grand Impression- AKA- Albert! If you know me, you know him or about him, he is the inspiration behind this!
I run my own farm, Kyzer Equestrian, and for me to find customized equestrian gear locally is really hard. This is what got me started, I wanted shirts for my barn and borrowed my friends dye-cut machine and within two days I bought my own!  Brand apparel is a huge favorite of mine to represent your brand/company.  I also love making vinyl decals!
Even though this is more of an equestrian based shop, I am always open to new projects! 

I wouldn't be able to do this and run the farm if it wasn't for my amazing parents, my horses, and my friends who support me!